Recommendations 'bout us' (no bribes were necessary lol)

recommendation by Mitch & Tayrn Leathem, Auckland (June 2012 ):

We are pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Tomboi (Andi & Cathie). On the 2nd of June 2012 my wife and I got married and we were fortunate to have Andi and Cathie (TOMBOI) MC host our wedding.

Before our special day the TOMBOI girls spent time with us going over what we expected. They not only met but far exceeded our expectations and I would recommend TOMBOIEntertainment to anyone looking for hosts who are professional, friendly and remarkably funny.

Importantly they enabled us as the couple to relax and really enjoy ourselves. There was a broad range of guests at our Wedding (a range of ages both heterosexual and queer) and TOMBOIs’ comedy and delivery was well suited to everyone. All 85 of our guests absolutely raved about Andi and Cathie and how great they were.

We would like to give a huge thank you to you Andi & Cathie for the perfect balance of love and comedy you provided on our special day. Thank you again and again,
Mitch & Taryn.

PS: Since our celebration we’ve learned that Andi has become a registered Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant and we’re incredibly happy about this, congratulations! As a lesbian couple, my wife (Taryn) and I are delighted that the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Act 2013 has been passed. We are planning on upgrading our Civil Union to a Marriage and we hope that you TOMBOI girls will not only MC host again, but that Andi will be our Celebrant.

recommendation by Jo Carr, Jo & Pete McFarlane’s Wedding @ Wellington’s The Long Room (Oct 2010 )

The very lovely Cathie and Andy (TOMBOI) provided fantastic entertainment for our wedding guests while we were getting our photos taken. They devised, created and facilitated a “pub quiz” which used fun facts about us and got the guests involved as well. We just gave them an idea of what we were looking for and a budget and away they went - fantastic to take that stress off us! Cathie and Andy are masters at working a crowd and we couldn't recommend them enough.

recommendation by Roger Archibald, NZ Retailers Association Inc (Dec 2011)

Just like to thank you both for a wonderful night. In most offices staff members who organise social events are not paid anything extra for completing tasks that often take a lot of work and attention to detail. Organising our Christmas party was done with much ease, thanks to you both.The time and effort you put in really paid off, it was a fun filled night with lots of laughing. Both of you are very gifted and your humor is still making us laugh today when our Christmas party comes up in conversation. All the staff came up to me and thanked me for a such a wonderful night and what an amazing job I had done. So credit where credit is due, thank you both for making our Christmas party so much fun and my job so easy!

recommendation by Lisa Thomas, Wellington (March 2012)

We were fortunate to have Bogan Bro’s, Trev ‘n Kev, make a special appearance at my husband’s 40th on Saturday night (March 24th). The theme was “Back to the 80s” so the bogan routine was most appropriate! Trev ‘n Kev, aka Andy and Cathie, were highly entertaining and extremely professional – in a totally bogan way! Their act caused great hilarity and reminiscence amongst our party guests, and people are still talking and laughing about it well after the event! I would gladly recommend TOMBOI to anybody wanting something a little different and VERY funny for their special occasion!

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