get “Hitched with Heart” by Andi

Unique Ceremonies that Reflect YOU

This is it. You’re going to get Hitched! Your very special day is a true milestone in both of your lives. The memory of your ceremony will stay with you forever so it’s important that it lives up to your expectations in every way.

Andi Celebrant I (Andi) will ease your mind and create a ceremony that truly reflects you and gives you both what you want. My philosophy is that first and foremost this is all about YOU. You’re both unique, so the ceremony I give you will also be unique. The ceremony should be an expression of your beliefs, values, thoughts and feelings. Fun and laughter are an important part of the mix and I take care to ensure there is a balance so you have a meaningful ceremony of substance. I meet with you both and learn a myriad of things about you both so that I can create a truly personal story for your ceremony. I also learn about any ideas you may have about your day and what is important to you both. There are lots of aspects for consideration and you may wish to incorporate ie; mutil-cultural elements, rituals, in-formality, contemporary, traditional, a particular theme, religious or non-religious inclusions (to name a mere few). I will assist you with ideas that compliment your vision. Designing a ceremony that you both love is my aim and the three of us work closely together to achieve that goal.

From the moment of our first contact to the big day itself approx. 25 – 30 hours of time (excluding travel time) are dedicated by me to designing your Wedding ceremony. There are many communications, meetings, a rehearsal of the Wedding ceremony (1 – 2 days ahead of the Wedding day). I do not undertake my role as celebrant lightly. You deserve it!

I will always give you the ceremony you want. As I’m a performer I can also be very versatile in what I offer you. Naturally I am very happy being the real me in the role as your celebrant however if you’re looking for something more distinctive to really stand-apart from all the rest, I can dress in DRAG (as a celebrity or as one of my range of characters) or I can dress in something that reflects the theme of your day.

This beautiful, joy-filled time is when the love and commitment you have for one another is shared and celebrated with those you hold dear. Whether I officiate as myself or in DRAG persona, that important essence is always reflected in what I deliver to you.

Here are just a few examples of what I can offer:

ELVIS                              OZZY OSBOURNE                    
MAMA (Chicago)                GNORMAN GNOME                    
AMY WINECASK                 PUSSYGRRL                              
SHONTEL (The Bridesmaid)  + MORE!                                   

I’m always developing new characters too. EMAIL ME: andi.celebrant@paradise.net.nz
PS: I am also available to officiate at other types of life event ceremonies such as: significant birthdays, baby naming, transition ceremonies, renewal of vows, home warmings, new business ventures, community endeavours, anniversaries, retirement, funerals, memorials and other types of special occasion ceremonies.

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